HONEY CREEK DISPOSAL takes pride in our residential waste service. Our unique program helps keep your neighborhood clean, and is beneficial to the environment. Instead of waking up to a neighborhood filled with garbage bags, wind-blown litter and animals ransacking your trash, you can be assured of a clean environment with all trash being secured in one container. Our carts are strong, secure, and offer plenty of room for a normal week's worth of trash. Our carts are mandatory for city residents, but we offer alternatives for subscription customers. Please read our rules and guidelines for more information for city and subscription customers. If you are interested in our service, or think your neighborhood could benefit from our environment-conscious program, please contact us.
What are the cart advantages?
Along with residential service, HONEY CREEK DISPOSAL also offers commercial service. We have 31 years of commercial experience and continue to offer a reliable, satisfactory experience. Your business' appearance is just as important to you as our identity is to us. We make it a point to provide a pleasant, transparent routine to the everyday requirements of maintaining your business. You have enough to worry about, and trash disposal should not be one of them. HONEY CREEK DISPOSAL takes your business seriously, because we take ours the same. If you are interested in becoming a commercial customer, please contact us.
Our residential trash collection system uses a specialized container that is emptied by automated equipment, making garbage collection faster, cleaner, and safer. This program has been successfully implemented in our local cities and is now our standard procedure for residential customers inside of city limits. There are many benefits to an automated cart collection system. Your neighborhood preserves an attractive curbside appearance, preserves the environment and makes garbage collection faster. The cart is well made, resistant to falling, and keeps animals away with a snug fitting lid. And last and especially not least important, the cart has a huge 95 gallon capacity to make emptying your trash a snap. Your garage will appreciate it.
Do you have special needs? Do you need more than one 95 gallon cart? One standard 95 gallon cart comes included with your residential service. Additional carts are available at additional cost. We also offer 65 and 35 gallon carts for your convenience.
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Any pickup day BEFORE the holiday will be picked up on regular schedule. If the Holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, your pick up day WILL NOT CHANGE. When your trash pickup day falls on an observed holiday (New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day) OR on any day following the holiday in the same week your pickup schedule will be ONE DAY LATER THAN NORMAL. Example: If the holiday falls on a Monday then Monday customer's trash will be picked up on Tuesday. Tuesday customers on Wednesday, Wednesday customer's on Thursday, Thursday customers on Friday and Friday customers on Saturday. Normal schedules resume on the following Monday.